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Taking Your Meeting Online

Getting Ready to Go Online

Select An Online Space

  • ACA does not endorse any specific platform

  • Online platforms vary in cost and features

  • The following is  a list of platforms that other ACA meetings have used to take their meetings online. 

  1. Zoom

  2. Google Hangouts Meet via Gsuite

  3. Skype

  4. Free Conference Call

Get Your ACA Meeting Materials Ready

  1. Laundry List - p. 587

  2. Problem - p.589

  3. Solution - p. 590

  4. 12 Traditions - p. 592

  5. 12 Steps - p. 586

  6. 12 Promises p. 591​

Things To Consider

The following is a list of ideas that other ACA groups have utilized.  Every ACA group is autonomous and ACA as a whole does not endorse nor dictate how groups address the following topics.

  • 7th Tradition

  1.  Treasurer has an online account such as paypal or venmo

  2.  Suggested distributions are Intergroup (60%), Region (30%), WSO (10%)

  • Online Storage of Meeting Documents

  • Submitting your online meeting information to the Intergroup, WSO, and NE US Region so other ACAs can find an online meeting to continue their recovery.

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