Service Positions

Elections for Open Intergroup Positions

March 14, 2021 at 4:00pm


Intergroup Chair - Runs the monthly meeting and provides leadership to the intergroup

  1. Presides over regular and special Intergroup Business Meetings and sets the agenda.
  2. Maintains order while ensuring the group hears all relevant input during meetings.
  3. Calls special meetings (with at least 3 days notice) when needed.
  4. Arranges a monthly meeting place for Intergroup.
  5. Coordinates with all other intergroup positions.
  6. Announces service opportunities as they become available.

Service Chair - Provides planning leadership for workshops and other intergroup events

  1. Develops and plans events for the NCA ACA community
  2. Leads the events committee and recruits event volunteers
  3. Updates the intergroup regarding event progress at the monthly meetings
  4. Executes (or delegates and follows up on) the following activities
    1. Conducts electronic surveys for event feedback and shares results with the intergroup
    2. Coordinates with the inreach and outreach chair to communicate information about events
    3. Negotiates with appropriate vendors and books venues (if necessary)
    4. Coordinates with region and WSO reps to learn about regional and national events

Technology Chair - Maintains the intergroup website and other technology

  1. Maintains the website
  2. Supports intergroup technology integrations such as electronic donations, credit card processing, online calendar, domains, emails, etc.
  3. Develops/maintains web forms with conditional logic for events, literature orders, etc.
  4. Coordinates with treasurer, literature chair, events chair, etc to facilitate the accounting of online transactions
  5. Provides technological support for committees and events as needed (eg. credit card swipes, event attendance tracking, etc)
  6. Does research as needed on technologies that may benefit the intergroup (eg. conference call speaker)
  7. Provides monthly updates on technology used by the intergroup regarding technology as well as website traffic

Secretary - Takes meeting minutes

1. Keep accurate and complete records (minutes) of Intergroup business meetings. 2. Reproduce the minutes within 10 days of the Intergroup business meetings and distribute them by email copies to Intergroup Chair, Officers and Intergroup Reps. 3. Distribute hard copies at following Intergroup meeting or provide online access to minutes for ZOOM meetings. 4. If corrections are made at the intergroup meeting, modifies the minutes accordingly. Coordinates with the Tech Chair to ensure the Approved minutes are posted to the Intergroup website. 5. Maintains current registration with the ACA WSO office.

InReach Chair - Keeps the fellowship informed of relevent ACA information

1. Makes the NCA fellowship aware of relevant ACA events and information (usually on a monthly basis) by monitoring ACA local, regional, national and WSO information sources 2. Maintains an online calendar of events 3. Attends NCA intergroup meetings and reports on inreach efforts

Outreach Chair -Raises awareness of ACA in the community

1. Develops and implements strategies to make potential Adult Children aware the ACA program a.By communicating with healthcare professionals, facilities, and programs that work with Adult Children b.By raising awareness of the ACA program in other 12-step fellowships as well as the community as a whole in the National Capital Area 2. Attends NCA intergroup meetings and reports on outreach efforts

Regional Representative - Represents the NCA in the NE Region ACA Meetings

1. Attends the monthly Regional Business teleconference and reports relevant information back to the intergroup 2. Communicates questions, concerns, or other information from the intergroup to the Region 3. Has the opportunity to participate in Region committees

National Capital Area (NCA) Open Intergroup Positions


  1. All positions are for a 12 month term

  2. Individuals may not be elected for more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position but may run again for that position after another person has served a term

  3. It is suggested that candidates for the officer level positions (intergroup chair, treasurer or WSO rep) have at least 1 year in the ACA program and have attended intergroup for 6 months or longer.

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