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Finding a Sponsor

The Fantasy

Anyone looking for a sponsor would love to attend a nearby or virtual meeting, hear an experienced member give a fantastic share followed by an announcement

that they are available to sponsor.

How it usually works

It usually takes time and effort to find an ACA'er who is both available to sponsor and the right fit for you.

How to Find a Traditional Sponsor

It can be challenging to find a sponsor in the National Capital Area.  The following steps have proven effective for area ACA members to find sponsors.

1.  Ask    


Members generally identify someone whose program they admire in meetings they attend. They approach potential sponsors and ask if they are amenable to chatting about the ACA program, and maybe, if they are taking on sponsees.  Set up a time for follow-up discussion to explore whether the relationship is going to be a fit.  Make sure there is agreement on how you will work together and a regular time to meet face to face or virtually.  When the sponsorship is underway, arrange a time to revisit how the relationship is working for both sponsor and sponsee.


Some members have been known to notify the group during announcements that they are looking for a sponsor and request that available sponsors contact them in the chat box or after the meeting.


2. Visit other meetings

If you can't find a sponsor in the meetings you usually attend, you may be able to find one by extending your meeting pool, either in person or online. Many of these meetings have a time at the end where there is an opportunity to exchange contact information, or a chat box where you can ask for potential sponsors to contact you.  With so many online meetings, members are able to successfully find sponsors and do the work virtually. 

3.  Make your meetings “sponsorship-friendly”

Through a group conscience, your meeting(s) can adopt the following (or other) ways to help sponsors and sponsees find each other:

  • Include an announcement at half-time for potential sponsors to raise their hand and encourage potential sponsees to reach out to those people for a program chat and to explore being their sponsor.

  • Maintain a voluntary list of group members where they can check a Y/N box about being available to sponsor.  Make the list available to meeting attendees who are looking for a sponsor.

  • Create a “sponsorship coordinator” service position.  That person can make announcements and serve as a sponsor-sponsee connector.

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